Our Gallery

Our custom made items are tailored to your wishes.  These are a few of the choices of woods that are available for your project.  Contact us for more information and to design the project that you are looking for.
  1. Purple Heart
    Purple Heart
    An extremely dense and water resistant wood. Native to tropical regions.
  2. Pink Ivory
    Pink Ivory
    An African hard wood that is extremely hard.
  3. Cocobolo
    A Tropical Hardwood from Central America.
  4. Zebra Wood
    Zebra Wood
    Native to Western Africa it is a hard wood with medium to coarse texture.
  5. Rosewood
    Exotic wood from South East Asia
  6. African Blackwood
    African Blackwood
    An exceptionally hard wood from Eastern Africa.
  7. Tigerwood
    Also known as Goncalo Alves. This wood is native to South America.
  8. Kingwood
    Native to Brazil and is fairly rare.